They Look Great in Wedding Venues, But Don’t Cry Tiers Over Your Wedding Cake!

It will be heavily featured on your wedding album, it will be a main eye-focus at your wedding reception and it will be a much talked about topic after the Big Day has been and gone. No, we are not talking about your dress; we’re talking about your cake!

Believe it or not, even with horse-drawn carriages, designer dresses and with weddings today generally being more extravagant than ever, people still talk about the cake – What flavour is it? How many tiers are there? How is it decorated? Be honest; you’ve all heard the questions (and are probably guilty of asking them to other brides!).

So, with the pressure on to book a cake that impresses your guests, finding a design that suits your tastes and budget can seem like a daunting task … but it doesn’t have to be!

First things first, before you go booking a supplier, try and visualise what you want from your cake. Is it plain it coloured? Is it square or round? How many tiers does it have? Are the tiers separated or directly in top of one another? If you are struggling to picture this yourself, you can always look through wedding magazines and Google images for inspiration. Many wedding venues will also have pictures of cakes that have been previously used in weddings they have hosted, so you can see what looks best in your chosen venue.

Once you have a good idea in your mind, and you have worked out your budget, you can describe the kind of cake you are after to prospective suppliers (sketch it on a piece of paper if it’s easier). Bear in mind that most cake makers will have a large portfolio of popular designs, so it’s better for you if you have a general idea of what you want before you get bombarded with expensive designs!

But luckily the Three Saints in their wedding box which gives up to £1000 wedding discounts on wedding suppliers has captured the services of Cheryl from Cheryliscious Cakes which makes outstanding cakes, so to get her services at a special discount then book your wedding with us and secure her services and so may others wedding suppliers

Remember; your South Wales wedding venue can make all the difference to your Big Day, so choose wisely. For more information on choosing the perfect venue, contact The Wedding Team (or the W Team as we are known) on
01443 222386 

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