Just Booking with us an experiance – Find Out

The Three Saints Hotel has thrown away the rule book.  Do you know what happens when you book a wedding?  Well, there’s a lot of paperwork to read through and sign and there’s a lot of figures to read through and agree to which is unavoidable.


However then you hand over a large amount of money as your deposit whilst committing yourself to giving the wedding venue an even larger amount of money over the coming months and then walking away with nothing but a contract.  It doesn’t happen like this at the Three Saints Hotel! 


We believe that you should feel like you’ve actually bought something and that you should have something to help you celebrate the day you commit to getting married.  Afterall, the day you book your wedding is the day you make your commitment and date official to your family and friends!  Yes, there is still some paperwork to sign but we give you a beautiful concertina file to store these documents in. 


Yes, you have to pay a deposit but we give you an envelope of money-off vouchers for local businesses to help you save money when booking those necessary wedding must-have.


Which adds up to a whopping £1000 wedding suppliers.  You will also receive a personalised wedding planner with a countdown to YOUR big day and a bespoke portfolio of Wedding Tips to help you find your way through the whole wedding process.  We also give you a bottle of wine so that you can go home, relax and raise a toast to your wedding day! 


All this comes beautifully presented in a large Wedding Box with acid-free tissue paper which can be used after your wedding to store your precious wedding dress.  The Three Saints Hotel gives you more than just your dream day!  No other wedding venue in South Wales does all of this for you!


Go On Let Us Make A Fuss Over You

Genna and Criag Receving Their Wedding Thank You Box - It's Our Way of Saying Thank You for Booking with us

Alex and Lee who booked for 2015 (that's how popular we are) Getting Over £1000 in wedidng suppliers discounts just for booking with us.

Mathew and Kerris - Box is worth over £70 designed to keep that precious wedding dress clean and safe to hand down to the next generation.

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