Covered or naked? What do wedding packages in South Wales offer when it comes to chair covers?

It may seem like a minor detail to many people, but most brides-to-be ponder over whether or not to have chair covers at their wedding reception. Even when taking their budgets out of the equation, many brides-to-be are becoming bored of seeing the same old chair covers at wedding after wedding, yet it still seems minimalistic to leave your chairs naked!

For those of you who want to sensationalise your seating, there are many creative ways in which you can still make your tables and chairs look stunning without ordering the standard chair covers.Many wedding packages in South Wales offer complimentary tablecloths and runners. If, however, you are looking for something a little more luxurious, you can hire a floor length table cloth and coloured, accessorised napkins to match your theme. 

Many of these luxurious floor length cloths come in a variety of fabrics such as silks, satins and damasks; drawing attention to your table rather than your chairs. Dramatic centerpieces such as candelabras and tall flower vases/arrangements can also create an eye-catching effect.

Depending on your chosen wedding venue, some chairs actually look quite attractive in all their naked glory. Don’t forget that chair covers are an extremely common decoration choice, so by not having them is guaranteed to make your layout unique. Even if you don’t like the chairs at your venue, or they do not correspond with your wedding theme, you can hire stunning looking chairs from an external company but the Three Saints has a huge assortment of different colors so it will be difficult not to get the perfect color or chair cover at the Three Saints. 

 For more information on choosing the perfect venue with the decorations package to match your vision, contact The Wedding Team (or the W Team as we are known) on 01443 222386 

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